• If you can imagine something, then it's real.
    Pablo Picasso
  • I dream about painting and then I paint my dream.
    vincent van gogh
  • A painter paints with his mind and not with his hands.
    michael angelo
  • Art washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul.
    Pablo Picasso

Painter  John Mataragas

Since 1987 I have been professionally involved in painting, collaborating with a well-known gallery in Athens.
My paintings are owned by many famous collectors and private individuals in Greece and abroad.

About Painting

The painting has undergone many changes over the centuries and the only obvious similarity is that all the paintings are covered on their surface with some kind of paint. But even that varies from season to season.
Painting describes and evokes every emotion that can be felt!

In the Renaissance period the real depiction of nature is the absolute beauty of painting. In the modern age
of avant-garde and the abstract, the lack of aesthetic coherence in painting creates confusion.

The painter with his style and mood unconsciously presents his personality through
his paintings.

The canvas depiction of the artist's soul and his technical skills create one masterpiece, which speaks to the senses of people and calms their souls.

Giannis Mataragkas